Sandrine PERENES

UI | UX | Front-End Developer


Work History




I’ve been working as a remote freelancer for several agencies from Australia, New Zealand, France or UK.

From developing CMS-based solutions (WordPress and Tumblr) to coding responsive eDM and/or templates, building mobile apps’ client-side or updating large-scale projects’ interfaces in Agile environment.

I’ve been entrusted to take charge of various web productions, almost all them leading to further collaborations.


Orchard Marketing

Sydney, Australia

Part of the front-end development team working mainly in ASP environment with Visual Studio.

Responsible of the development, improvement and consistency of several brand entities sharing a common structure and database.

In agreement and consultation with the Lead, reinforced the integration of best practices (standards, semantics, unobtrusive JS), code maintainability and project tracking to refine process and increase quality of production.


Pixel Fusion

Auckland, New Zealand

I was primarily in charge to produce high-quality front-end templates to integrate in Symfony (Doctrine) web applications with a focus on accessibility (semantic information, unobtrusive javascript). I also produced occasionally PHP developments (WordPress, Symfony)

In collaboration with the graphic designer, I’d advised design solutions to enhance user experience, meet cross-browser compatibility requirements (from IE6) using graceful degradation and/or progressive enhancement, optimise content for search engines and keep consistency.



Auckland, New Zealand

My main duty was to produce semantic and W3C compliant HTML/CSS/jQuery interfaces to integrate into the CMS Expression Engine (PHP).

I was occasionally in charge of the back-end development. I also developed several Expression Engines modules and customised the back-offices.


TBWA\ Interactive – Tequila\

Paris, France

Responsible of the front-end pole, I introduced the use of cross-browser compliant tableless web layouts, semantics, best practices for email design and unobtrusive javascript.

Having a strong interest about web accessibility, I’ve been in charge of the WCAG guidelines and RGAA (French Accessibility Law) compliance of e-government portals.

Still in charge of most of the front-end production, I was also entitled PHP developer and was often involved in back-end developments.


Les Artisans Numériques

Paris, France

Front and back-end developer, I was responsible to integrate designs, develop back-offices and template newsletter.

I promoted the separation of presentation, content, and behaviour by producing tableless layouts with external CSS and Javascript, and strengthen semantics for SEO.



Lorient, France

I was in charge of HTML Integration, PHP development and SEO of the website and the e-commerce CMS catalogue.
I developed a full back-office in PHP to manage prospects and events, and created new functionalities (calendar, monthly newsletter, search engine).



Career Education Training

Ziggourat Formation, Paris, France

3-days training about advanced PHP 5 & MySQL.


Technical Bachelor Degree, Online Digital Design and

Les Gobelins, Paris 8 University, France

1-year apprenticeship sharing studies and employment in a digital agency (Les Artisans Numériques).

First Class Honours


Technical University Diploma, Communication networks and services

University Institutes of Technology, Castres, France

Diploma in 2 years training for Multimedia and Internet careers.


Technical Diploma of Baccalaureat, Computer Science

Lycée du Taone, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Diploma validating the secondary education in technical stream ‘Service Sciences and Technologies’.

First Class Honours


Che Tamahori

Che Tamahori Managing Director, Digital Arts Network Auckland

Sandrine is an experienced production specialist, who combines great front-end coding skills
(CSS and HTML), with solid PHP development credentials.

Sandrine is a meticulous coder, and goes the extra mile to deliver on time.

Craig Boxall

Craig Boxall Director and Lead Product Designer, Pixel Fusion

Sandrine worked well in our team, as the intermediary between the designers, backend developers and producers/creative directors.

Her passion for responsive web and bleeding edge technologies has pushed her knowledge and skill-base, making her an incredibly valuable asset to any digital production team.

Keri Henare

Keri Henare Founder, Ravage

Sandrine is a very skilled and experienced front-end dev. She maintains not only a deep understanding of modern CSS/HTML techniques but also knows all of the legacy issues and can easily identify potential problems and their solutions.

Sandrine always produces top quality work, well within projected time frames.

Simon Taggart

Simon Taggart Senior Front End Engineer at Bigcommerce

Dedicated, meticulous, experienced and passionate for UI development, Sandrine always delivered the highest quality, maintainable code which was thoroughly tested and practically bullet proof.

She stood strong for standards and bet practice, put her thoughts forward to improve the work she was producing utilising her in-depth knowledge of semantics and Accessibility and Usability best practices.

Danushka Abeysuriya

Danushka Abeysuriya CEO, Rush Digital Interactive NZ Ltd

Sandrine has an excellent ability to take a design from concept to functional with minimal hassle.
She has a deep understanding of her craft and the technologies at her disposal.

Would hire again without hesitation and with clear preference.

Ben Lilley

Ben Lilley Developer, SiteHost

Sandrine worked on a couple of projects with us at Pitch and every single time she was an extremely valuable member of the project. Sandrine has excellent front-end development skills in HTML/CSS/Javascript and she is always willing to accept a challenge.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sandrine as an excellent front-end developer and as a great addition to any team.

Thomas Ruffie

Thomas Ruffie Co-Owner/Director and Developer, Shaperstudio

Sandrine is always on the cutting edge of front end technologies, delivering clean, smart and optimised code.
I would not pick anyone else for any front end related material.

The best I know without a doubt!

Ludovic Royer

Ludovic Royer Software Developer, Orchard Marketing

As an backend developer, it has been a real pleasure to work very closely with Sandrine on several projects. She has an exceptional attention to details and she is one of the easiest front end developer to work with.

She is also always pushing standards forward being a fervent advocate of best practices, reusability and maintainability of her work.

Stéphane Sokol

Stéphane Sokol Artistic Director, Freelance

Her talent, her pugnacity and her experience makes Sandrine the missing link between man and machine: she knows how to bring her own touch of femininity in a world too frequently masculine.

Certainly the person most senior and most conscientious with whom I have been led to collaborate.

Rebekah Atkins

Rebekah Atkins Owner, Rise Creative

I was extremely impressed with Sandrine’s ability to deliver an exceptional quality website that worked incredibly well on multiple mobile devices.

Sandrine displayed intricate coding knowledge and is one of the best website developers I have had the pleasure of working with.